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About Us

As well as running his own successful Software Company for the past 20 years, Kelvin McGrath has been a Chief Information Officer for two top ASX 100 listed companies. He has been developing MeetingQuality since 2012 as he strived to develop software to align the formal and informal structures within organisations. Organisational processes will flow considerably more smoothly if the formal mid level leaders are not pushing initiatives through against the informal leaders of the organisation. In addition morale of the organisation improves.

Kelvin created tools using classic Social Network Analysis techniques to map the number of interactions within an organisation, which could then be used to map the culture of an organisation.  

“Later I realised that actually the quality of these interactions was much more important than the quantity alone. I created an algorhythm called the Meeting Promoter Score (MPS), which allowed the quality of interactions to be measured between individuals and more importantly groups of individuals. Individual MPS scores could then be aggregated for the organisation and beyond.”

Kelvin was able to develop an easy to use software package called MeetingQuality which used MPS to gauge the quality of internal interactions within an organisation which was then used to improve organisational efficiency. In addition MeetingQuality could determine the quality of customer and supplier interactions which were then used to create more productive relationships with stakeholders.

Kelvin extended MeetingQuality to cover the quality of Director interactions in Board Meetings and included an annual Governance and Compliance component which compares Board performance against previous years and the performance of other Boards.

It was logical to then extend the MeetingQuality product through to improving Project performance. MPS was used again to measure the functioning of Project Steering Committees and Project Teams. The Project Success Probability indicator was developed to gauge the real progress of projects over time. Importantly MeetingQuality is able to provide a lead indicator as to the success of any project by comparing the Project Success Probability of the Steering Committee against that of the Project team and Stakeholders. In addition automated Program and Portfolio reporting was developed to provide an enterprise view of project performance.

As MeetingQuality has grown we with have worked closely with a number of customers and developed Catchup (with the boss), Interview, OnBoard, Exit and Coach. We continue to aggressively develop new products in conjunction with our customers needs.

“Traditionally organisations are great at looking back and studying what went wrong or what we could have done better. MeetingQuality is an important lead indicator which highlights possible problems before they become issues and affect the productivity of an organisation.”